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An Open Letter to 2017

Dear Twenty-Seventeen (2017), Finally, you are here with endless possibilities and opportunities. Hope you’ll not be just another year in my life. Let your presence count in this short life. As they say: “It’s Not...


What are your excuses?

Whenever I see people feeling blue about their problems. I smile. This is because most of us don’t know how blessed we are. Don’t trust me. Look at the following images grabbed around internet...


MILE-O-MEMORIES-My Life in Pictures

Life is Beautiful in many ways; there are many amazing things in my Life. Thought to share few milestones, memories which I love and cherished . Let me know if you liked the idea of...


Why Valentine’s Day is Celebrated on February 14?

I always wondered why Valentine Day is celebrated? Hope you always wondered about the same. After digging a lot on Quora and Here is what I found. St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it...


Google keep now offline!

Google keep is google answer to Evernote! Watch this video to its features. You can enjoy offline by adding it chrome browser: You can download its andriod app on Playstore:

Success Is An Equation 0

Success Is An Equation

There is no formula for success. Meaning there is no specific quantity of ingredients that, if you mix them together, will make you successful. However, there is an equation for success. Talent + Effort...

Your Quality Doesn’t Define My Value 0

Your Quality Doesn’t Define My Value

During the 1980s, it was all about “hi-fi.” All the electronics companies competed on who could produce higher fidelity sound. But then, in an instant, high fidelity sound didn’t matter at all. As soon as...

Donate Your Birthday: Charity Water 0

Donate Your Birthday: Charity Water

There is something powerful about giving something. There is something even more powerful about doing something small that can result in something big.  Massive even.  Monumental. Capable of changing the world. Donate your birthday...