Cloud Based Development and Career Path Workshop

‘Cloud based Development and Career Path Workshop’ was two days event by Pravin Hanchinal focuses on Cloud based Web and Application Development. The development was taught based on Codenvy, Github. The workshop covered Career Path options to be adopted to get hired in Cloud domain. The workshop Cloud Development and Career Path was organized by Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi.
Cloud Workshop Jain College Oct 3 2016

Day 1, Session 1: Introduction to Cloud Development

Pros and Cons of Cloud Development
Advantages of Code on Cloud
Version Revisioning
Getting Started with GitHub and Account Setup
Basics of Git, Commit and Fork
Forking Code from Existing Repo
Local to GitHub
Coding the Cloud Way

Day1, Session 2: Cloud Based Web Development

Introduction to Responsive design
Cloud IDE based on Eclipse Che
Exploring the IDE
Fork Code from GitHub
Build Project
Pushing Project to Clouds.

Cloud Workshop Jain College Oct 3 2016

Day 2, Session 1: Cloud Based App Development

Use of Hybrid/Web Based App Design Principles
Native, Web Based and Hybrid Apps
Setting up Adobe and PhoneGap accounts
Connecting PhoneGap to GitHub
Packaging app in the Cloud
Downloading/Installing app in Phone.

Day 2, Session 2: Career Path:

Connecting the dots.
How to Choose Career Path?
Careers in Cloud and Big Data.
Career Path with and without Certifications
Building Online Reputation Capital. (Hands-on)
Usage of github public repo.

Cloud Workshop Jain College Oct 3 2016

I’m thankful to Prof. Shridhar Allagi for giving me an opportunity to share my knowledge on Cloud Computing stuffs. Prof. Mahantesh S Devoor and Prof. and HOD Praveen Y. Chitti for their support and concern.

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Pravin Hanchinal

Pravin Hanchinal is a Professional Speaker, Educator, Edupreneur, Entrepreneur,Big Data,IoT and Cloud Evangelist.Trained around 7500+ people which include teachers, students, industry on recent technologies. Though passionate about being a technical coach, educator but his hunger for learning never stops. Long way ahead, yet to accomplish a lot for this proud son of a agriculturist. He is available for conducting workshop for students, faculty, industry and general audiences. In Nutshell: Sapiosexual, Edupreneur, FOSS, Cloud and Big Data Evangelist

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