Comparison of Worlds prominent religions

We all wondered at some point of time, why there are so many religions,which is good, blah, blah,etc…

Even I had sa(o)me question in my mind and here is what I found after googling and binging it!

Though every religion has its own principles, here are some resources, infographics and resources to understand this world better!

Disclaimer: The mentions are from internet findings! I’m not responsible for any claims, as I have found links to resources!!

Image Source

Here is a infographics which gives you world statistics about religions followed all over the world.

World of religions
If you wish to compare religions manually for more precise and comprehensive listing.
Click here to go to Patheos Lenses Side by Side Comparison to that interactively.

Here is a sample snapshot of that interface!

Let me know what you think and mention if you find some more good resources in comments!


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