Resource Person on AI and Machine Learning | APHRDI

Resource Person on AI and Machine Learning | APHRDI

This is an account of my visit to APHRDI as a resource person on “Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML)” for the Government Departments.

The Call:

Getting invited for the second time. Sometimes I evaluate my worthiness when people are willing to book a flight, spend more than 30K just to listen to me for an hour. But it was an honour to do so.

The Challenge:

The APHRDI audience is from many streams. This time there was 100+ audience from various streams like Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Education, Irrigation, Prison, Police, Audit, etc. This was one of the challenging audience that I had ever faced. It’s difficult to keep the audience attentive without using local dialect but I was happy to enough to do it. You can see the challenge of teaching sturdiest of concepts like AI and ML to the government officials.

The Impact:

I feel contented to say I was the only inter-state resource person among others. Needless to say, other resource persons included CEO, Assistant Professors, and Commissionarate of Education.

Some of them personally met me after the session to initiate a conversation about future of India and the hurdles we are facing.

Post my session, I felt I’m making an impact when some of the audience told me to give them a call when I visit Andra again. This happens when you connect to their(audience) hearts. Seems like travelling 2,000 kilometres is worth it.

Coming to the talk, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have started to redefine our world in a new way. Talking about Artificial Intelligence using Human intelligence is rather a interesting experience. I have enclosed the presentation to learn more.

The Need:

I wished a lot of times “Why don’t we have such a Human Resource Development Institute in Karnataka?”. Karnataka government is badly in need of such initiatives. Similarly many other states in India. Hoping for a better India.

Pravin Hanchinal

Pravin Hanchinal is a Professional Speaker, Educator, Edupreneur, Entrepreneur,Big Data,IoT and Cloud Evangelist.Trained around 7500+ people which include teachers, students, industry on recent technologies. Though passionate about being a technical coach, educator but his hunger for learning never stops. Long way ahead, yet to accomplish a lot for this proud son of a agriculturist. He is available for conducting workshop for students, faculty, industry and general audiences. In Nutshell: Sapiosexual, Edupreneur, FOSS, Cloud and Big Data Evangelist

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