This page is about testimonials provided for Praveen Hanchinal. Below are the some snippets from feedback provided at workshops, seminars, academics. The names of feedback are kept anonymous for privacy.

I was very happy to see a transformed presenter in you during Atharva sessions. Not only your content has improved, but the way you tempo the sequence – content and humor is very effective. Your ability to choose difficult and challenging topic like Big data and Hadoop and coming out with an impressive presentation indicates that u have a great potential untapped yet.Wishing you a great “presentation” future.
Ravindra Dastikop

Thank you. Your Cloud presentations helped me a lot during my MTech final year

Presenting style, Content/Information in ppt, Live examples were awesome.

Thank you Sir, We found your workshop very useful. Not only as a developers point of view but also as a business point of view. Now we use cloud computing in our day-to-day life also.

Personally I found it a bit interesting. Nothing to improve you were good with all your jokes and knowledge. Thank You.

Thank you sir, It was a really great experience for me and from my side nothing to improve you are good as you are now.

In the End of the Workshop, The story of Sir. Praveen Hanchinal was very Heart Touching, we saw his Smiling Face for couple of Days, He could be sort of our Role Model. . . Grand Salute to you Sir. Praveen.

I think it was nice workshop, your teaching was good. Thank you so much shared your knowledge.

The best things about your workshop:
2.The way of expressing the topics.

The workshop on cloud computing was a good experience.

I hope you come back and provide workshop again on cloud computing so that we can get more knowledge on practical aspects.

Thank you so much SIR for investing your precious time for conducting workshop on cloud computing. It was one of one best workshop, we learnt many things like virtualization, and web development. Sir it’s a kind request that to conduct many more workshops on these topics. Thank You Sir.

The way of teaching is really good. We will try to implement on Cloud computing. I hope you will come next year and do more practical things.

Sir your presentations and ppt were good, but maybe you got to explain the cloud computing in much easier way (including codenvy and cloud9).

Wonderful session. Would like to learn more.

Wonderful session. Would like to learn more about Google App Engine.