What makes a successful career?

A successful career is a trinity of Interest, Skill and Values.

Upon asking for career advice, I often hear people- parents and well-wishers say ” Go by your interest, u will succeed”. That is cliche and is too dangerous to heed. Interest, after all, is personal and has no social meaning. If interest were to make someone successful, then every kid going to cricket summer camp will end up in the Indian national team or every student in a dancing school would become a dancing exponent.

A successful career needs at least three components: Interest, skill and value system. The interest of course is needed but sufficient. The best that interest can give u is “satisfaction”. But skill is what gives social meaning, contribution and of course economic value to an individual. Skill also gives u the edge in time of competition. Finally value system that which makes the individual enjoy if not tolerate the mundane part of the work. Unless NR Murthy had fully accepted the value of his work in building Infosys, he would not have enjoyed the otherwise boring – millions of miles of air travel.

So before u take up a career check the following

1. Do have the interest?- gives u  satisfaction
2. Do u have skills? – makes u productive
3. Do have a value system?- gives u  happiness to remember and relish

Pravin Hanchinal

Pravin Hanchinal is a Professional Speaker, Educator, Edupreneur, Entrepreneur,Big Data,IoT and Cloud Evangelist.Trained around 7500+ people which include teachers, students, industry on recent technologies. Though passionate about being a technical coach, educator but his hunger for learning never stops. Long way ahead, yet to accomplish a lot for this proud son of a agriculturist. He is available for conducting workshop for students, faculty, industry and general audiences. In Nutshell: Sapiosexual, Edupreneur, FOSS, Cloud and Big Data Evangelist

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